Cukrownia Żnin
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Cukrownia Żnin is a post-industrial city created to give you the opportunity to relax in the style you like. Here you can find intimate places of culinary relaxation – indulge in artful desserts, taste exquisite beverages, and be wrapped in the unique aromas of coffee and excellent teas....


The Rozprężacz lobby bar is located in the heart of the Factory I building, close to the famous attraction of Cukrownia Żnin – the internal slide. It is a secluded, atmospheric place with soft armchairs, where you can take a break during the day and have a moment just for yourself: with a cup of fragrant coffee, a mug of aromatic tea, a colourful drink or a glass of sophisticated liquor. Sit back and relax....

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Lobby Bar Dyfuzja

Dyfuzja bar is located next to the Sacharoza restaurant in the Factory II building. In addition to exquisite cakes and original desserts, it also offers exquisite drinks, refreshing non-alcoholic beverages, strong coffee of the highest quality and a wide selection of aromatic teas.



Relaxation by the lake

During the summer months, you can relax on a sun lounger in the leisure area of the Płuczka bar, located by the lake. The bar specialises in cold drinks and snacks, such as hot dogs or our Chef's Polish pizza. A playground for children is located nearby.


The Wirownia bar is the place for people who relax the best while... competing. That is why, in addition to a wide range of spirits from all over the world and matching salty snacks, in these unique interiors (over 500 square metres), you can also find space for having fun with a bunch of friends. You can play billiards, table football, retro-style arcade video games and hold a tournament on the professional bowling alley with four lanes.

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The Cukierek mini-café is besieged by fans of colourful sweets during the summer season. The menu includes excellent coffees and teas, but guests are attracted by the sweeter part of the menu: colourful doughnuts, macarons, desserts and delicious ice cream based on traditional recipes.

A sweet corner

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