Cukrownia Żnin

EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture

Cukrownia Żnin was nominated for the EU Mies Award 2022,the most important European architecture prize!

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 Cukrownia Żnin is like a real city within a city. A facility where you will find both the spirit of the old factory and historical memorabilia, as well as modern solutions that create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. A space for relaxation and meetings, full of interesting places to discover and unusual flavours to taste.


Cukrownia Żnin is 35 hectares of space where we restored the buildings of a 19th-century factory, giving it a second life in the form of a conference and leisure centre. We created it based on the idea of a'city within a city'.Therefore, in this post-industrial enclave on the shores of a lake, you can find everything you need for a comfortable stay, including: two hotel buildings, conference room, restaurants, bars, an in-house brewery, a cinema, a spa and water park.

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An industrial park with a mission

Today, Cukrownia Żnin is an Indstrial Park which also pursues the mission of restoring the area to the local community.This was recognised by the „Rzeczpospolita”newspaper, which awarded us the  REAL ESTATE IMPACTOR 2020: award for saving the sugar factory,creating jobs and offering interesting entertainment.



Unique details

We have created an unconventional place where you can relax, unwind and discover interesting post-industrial details. You don't have to stick to a strict routine. Perhaps you can get to a meeting with friends via a giant slide starting on the fourth floor of the Factory I building?

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Relaxation in unusual surroundings. Great location by a lake with comfortable rooms. We ensure that in Cukrownia Żnin we meet our guests' expectations. Expectations that are not limited to comfortable accommodation and excellent cuisine. We have created a place where a stay is a real adventure, an unforgettable experience, a combination of discovering the history of the old factory and contemporary flavours. Here you can relax in the water park, unwind in the excellent spa or in nature or on a beautiful lake - for example in unussual vessels. There are many ways to relax...


When creating the ‘city within a city’, we also took care of the entertainment zone, believing that everyone needs a moments of rest sometimes. You can find space for water sports – at the pool or on the lake. You can discover the spirit of competition in our bowling alley, watch a film in the Burakino – a cinema located in... a silo. Enjoy locally brewed beers or the excellent cuisine of our restaurants. There is no way to be bored in our city.

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Cultural conglomerate

The unmistakable atmosphere of a former sugar factory, the stylish spaces with partially preserved elements of the old factory and modern amenities are conducive to the organisation of both large and small cultural events: concerts, cabaret performances, theatre performances, etc.

Events for 1200 people

Perfect organisation

Flavours of the sugar factory

Discover our unique culinary options: several excellent restaurants, our own brewery, and seven stylish bars and cafés – both year-round and seasonal. Taste the exquisite culinary delights and discover for yourself that all flavours rules at the Cukrownia Żnin.