Cukrownia Żnin
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The Arche Group was established in 1991 and initially provided development services. Today, the scope of its activities has expanded significantly. In addition to the sale of new flats and suites, the group is developing an offer of hotel services and also manages the chain of restaurants Kuchnia za ścianą in Warsaw.


Cukrownia Żnin is one of many spectacular investment projects of the Arche Group. The network of the group's facilities also includes, e.g. Arche Hotel Lublin, Arche Hotel Częstochowa, Janów Podlaski Castle, Arche Hotel Krakowska in Warsaw, Puławska Residence Hotel in Warsaw, Arche Hotel Poloneza in Warsaw, Tobaco Hotel in Łódź, Łochów Palace and Manor Farm, Arche Barracks in Góra Kalwaria, and Arche Hotel in Siedlce. More buildings will soon be added to the Arche Collection in: Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Łódź, Piła and Drohiczyn.

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Collection of hotels

Each of the Arche Group's hotels has a different feel, and each is prepared with a specific idea and a distinctive concept in mind. For this reason, the Arche hotel chain is often referred to as the Collection. Whether in the development, hotel or catering industry, Arche projects have received many accolades and awards.