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Please observe these Regulations in order to ensure peaceful and safe stay at our facility.

§1 Hotel day

1. Rooms at the facility are rented on a hotel-day basis.

2. If a Guest does not determine the length of stay while checking in, it is assumed that the room is rented for a single night.

3. Renting a room requires the provision of necessary information, including the Guest’s personal details, in a scope necessary for the appropriate performance of the agreement.

4. The hotel day starts at 4.00 PM of the arrival date and ends at 11:00 AM on the following day.

5. Requests for the extension of the stay beyond the one indicated on the arrival date shall be notified by Guests to the Reception before 10:00 of the last day of stay.

6. Cukrownia Żnin shall approve extension requests subject to availability of rooms. 

§2 Reservation and check-in 

1. The basis for checking a Guest in is the presentation of a photo ID and signing the stay registration card.

2. Persons who are not registered in a room may stay as guests from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM. After 10:00 PM persons staying with the Guest in the room must be checked-in.

3. Cukrownia Żnin may refuse to have a Guest who, during a previous stay, grossly infringed the facility regulations, causing loss to the facility or Guest property, or caused personal injury to the facility personnel or other persons staying on the premises, or otherwise disturbed the peaceful stay of Guests or the operation of the facility.

4. Children under 18 should be under the care of adults throughout their stay at the facility.

5. A Guest may not transfer the room to other persons even if the time for which the Guest has paid the fee has not lapsed yet.

§3 Guarantees

1. Cukrownia Żnin provides its services in line with its standard. In case of complaints concerning the quality of the services Guests are requested to report the complaints immediately to the reception, which will facilitate prompt reaction of the staff.

2. Cukrownia Żnin shall provide the following:

a. conditions for full and unconstrained rest of the Guest,

b. safety of stay, including the safety of maintaining the confidentiality of the Guest information to the full legally admissible extent,

c. professional and pleasant services covering all the services provided by the facility,

d. cleaning the room and performing the necessary repairs in the Guest’s absence, or in their presence if so requested

e. a technically fit room; in case of the occurrence technical failures which cannot be removed, the facility shall make efforts to change the room, subject to availability, or otherwise remedy the inconvenience,

f. replacements of the bed linen and towels in the Guest’s absence, or in their presence if explicitly requested, unless the Guest requests otherwise on the check-in.

§4 Services

1. On the Guest’s request the facility provides the following services free of charge:

a. providing information connected with the stay and travel,

b. wake-up at a requested time,

c. luggage storage (the facility may refuse to accept luggage for storage on dates other than the Guest’s stay, and objects that do not have the characteristics of personal luggage),

e. during the Guest’s stay at the facility the entrusted money, securities and precious objects, in particular valuables, objects of scientific or artistic value shall be stored in the reception safe box, however, the facility shall accept objects up to the value of PLN 1000 and may refuse to accept things which may pose potential threat or which occupy too much space.

§5 Liability of Cukrownia Żnin

1. Cukrownia Żnin shall not be liable for objects left by the Guest in the room.

2. The Guest should notify the reception of a loss immediately upon its discovery.

3. Cukrownia Żnin shall not be liable for a damage or loss of a car or other vehicle or things left therein and belonging to the Guest, and left on Cukrownia Żnin premises.

§6 Night quiet time

1. The night quiet time on the premises shall apply from 10:00PM to 6:00 on the following day.

2. The actions of Guests and persons using the hotel services must not disturb the peaceful stay of other Guests. Cukrownia Żnin may refuse to provide further services to persons who infringe this rule.

§7 Liability of Guests

1. Leaving the room the Guests should at all times check if the door is locked.

2. The Guest shall be financially liable for any and all damage or loss to the in the equipment elements and technical facilities attributable to them, their visitors, and persons they are responsible for (including in particular minors) and animals.

3. Cukrownia Żnin reserves the right to charge the credit card of a Guest with amounts equal to:

a. the value of the damage caused on the premises,

b. remuneration for additional orders, including after the Guest’s departure.

4. Due to fire protection reasons it is forbidden to use in the hotel rooms electrical immersion heaters and other similar devices, which are not included in the room equipment.

§8 Return of things left behind

1. Personal effects which are left by a departing Guest in the hotel room shall be sent to the address provided by the Guest at their cost. If such instruction is not given, the hotel shall store such objects for 3 months.

§9 Smoking

1. Tobacco, electronic cigarettes, electronic heaters of tobacco or other substances must not be used in the rooms. The facility shall have the right to charge the Guest with the costs of PLN 500 for refreshing the room (including the costs of painting, decoration replacement and other) if it is discovered that the smoking ban was not observed.

§10 Animals

1. The facility Guest, for an extra charge, may stay in the room with their animal.

2. Animals which may pose a threat to human life or health, in particular venomous animals, may not be allowed into the facility.

3. The Guest shall look after their animal so it does not pose a threat to the safety of other Guests or hotel staff.

4. All the loss to the facility property or the property of other guests caused by animals shall be assessed by Cukrownia Żnin Management, and the Owners shall be charged with the costs.

§ 11 Additional provisions

1. The regulations concerning selected services offered by Cukrownia Żnin, and in particular, the regulations of the hotel swimming pool, gym, sauna, bowling alley, playground for children, shall be integral part hereof.

2. In case of the occurrence of biological contamination in a hotel room, the Guest shall be charged with PLN 500 for the cleaning costs. In case of special biological contamination the cost shall be assessed on individual basis.

3. Dangerous objects must not be stored in the hotel rooms – weapons and ammunitions, flammable, explosive or illumination materials.

4. The Guest shall be charged with a penalty of PLN 1000 for an infringement and non-observance of the Regulations.

§12 Personal data

1. „ARCHE” SA. seated in Warsaw, ul. Puławska 361, 02-801 Warszawa is the data controller.

2. Personal data shall be processed for purposes connected with the performance and conclusion of the agreement, for the data controller’s marketing purposes, and for storage, statistical and tax purposes.

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